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Why Music makes you young




      “Y-MUSIC?”,You-你,Why-為什麼,Young-青春。“你為什麼青春?” 是一個提供給任何小學,初中,高中就讀生的音樂學習計畫。每位參加的學生將經過專業老師的訓練。在導師帶領下,學員會學習去跟本地的不同社區和商業機構聯繫,開會籌辦不同形式的社區演出。達到學生能從音樂學習上受惠外,同時能夠明白社區服務的樂趣和籌辦過程的運作。以致成為一個更有回饋意識的小領袖。

Program Objective:

      "Y-MUSIC", three elements of WHY, YOU, YOUNG. This is a completely free music learning program for any student from elementary, middle, and high school. All participants will be trained by professional instructors with music skills. Our leaders will work closely with participants to connect with local non-profit organizations or businesses to organize varieties of community performances. Throughout the music learning experience, participants will also embrace the importance of joy of service in their community and become a "Little leader".





            費用:  全免



            課堂形式:每週一次小組課程,日子將由種籽音樂中心最後決定。 人數足夠的話,小組將由學員程度再分               小組。



* 所有參加學員如要需要音樂上的一對一額外輔導,追求更進一步的音樂領域。種籽音樂中心將會支持$50的助學金以作鼓勵支持!



  • 學員必須出席90%以上的所有被安排的會議和排練

  • 所有在1年內途中推出或不達標準被引退學員,必須募捐$150到Y-MUSIC,以幫助Y-MUSIC繼續順利運作。

Program detail:

           Number of participants: Limited to 10

           Estimate program Launching date: Early November

           Commitment duration: Contracted to 1 year or above

           Fee: FREE

           Participant Age: In the school-age of elementary, middle and high school

           Volunteer age: 16 years and older

           Class format: weekly group lesson, the day of the week will be announced by SEED MUSIC.  When a limited number of participants is reached for each group. Participants will be rearranged to different groups with the level of musical skill.

           Learning Contents: Basic music theory, basic control of instruments, operation of an ensemble, meeting arrangement, meeting minutes management, event planning, data filing.

*For participants who are seeking additional help on 1 - 1 private lesson. SEED MUSIC will provide a $50 scholarship to encourage and support their music learning. 



  • The attendance rate must maintain 90% or higher for all arranged meetings or rehearsals.

  • Within the 1st year of committed service, whomever withdrawal or couldn't meet our requirement will be subjected to donated $150USD back into "Y-MUSIC"




          “ 如果你是一位熱心於公共服務,回饋社會,同時也熱愛音樂,有領導和管理能力的朋友,我誠意邀請你或者你認識的朋友們一起參與我們的“Y-MUSIC”音樂學習及服務計劃。在同一個信念和喜好上跟我們和更多熱愛音樂和服務社區的朋友互相認識。我相信有你們的參與之下,將會把“Y-Music”這個音樂學習計畫帶到另一個高峰。將我們在過程中得到的樂趣帶到我們的社區裡面。“     -    Eric Ling,”Y-MUSIC始創人“


A message to students/volunteers:

        "If you are an enthusiasticist of community services, giving back, have a big heart to music, or equip with leadership or management skill, I true heartedly invite you and your friends to join "Y-MUSIC" music learning program.  We connect with each other because of our passion and belief and make friends. With your involvement, we will thrive and reach a new height of enjoyment and meaning of serving the community and share our experience with others.."   -  Eric Ling, The founder of "Y-MUSIC"

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