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Individual Music Lessons 一對一音樂課程

Piano | Strings | Theory
鋼琴 | 小提琴 | 中提琴 | 大提琴 | 樂理課程

*Taught by music director (由中心音樂主任授教) 

Guitar | Bass | Drums | Vocals | Banjo

吉他 | 貝斯 | 班卓 | 聲樂 | 架子鼓課程

Group Music lessons 小組音樂課程 

Music Movement & Conducting 音樂律動及指揮班

課程費用:$25/ 60分鐘

Class $25 / 60 min 

  • 節奏模式,拍子記號和音樂動態,與身體動作,批判性聆聽

  • 年齡分組:7-9歲,10-12歲,成人

  • 格式:2個學期,12節課/學期

  • 學費:$25/ 60分鐘課程

  • Rhythmic patterns, time and dynamics, conducting with body movements, critical listening

  • Age groups: 7-9, 10-12, Adult

  • Format: 2 semesters, 12 classes / semester

  • Tuition: $25 / 60 min class

Music Theory Class 樂理班

課程費用:$25/ 60分鐘

$25 / 60 min class

  • 音樂結構,拍子記號,和弦,聆聽訓練,閱譜訓練

  • 年齡分組:4-6,7-9,10-12

  • 格式:2個學期,12節課/學期

  • 學費:$25/ 60分鐘課程

  • ​Music Structure, time signature, chords, ear training, sight reading, etc

  • Age group: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12

  • Format: 2 semesters, 12 classes / semester

  • Tuition: $25 / 60 min class

String Ensemble Training 重奏訓練課

課程費用:$25/ 60分鐘

$25 / 60 min class

  • 古典音樂小型樂團,合奏,音准,節奏學習,演奏會演出

  • 歡迎所有程度者!

  • 年齡分組:4-9,10-18

  • Chamber music study, ensembles, intonation, rhythmic study, concerts

  • All playing levels welcome!

  • Age group: 4-9,10-18

Guitar Beginner Crash Course 吉他速成課程

課程費用:$25/ 60分鐘


$25 / 60 min lesson, discounted rental available

  • 常用和弦,彈奏和節奏,姿勢,基本理論和自由演奏時段

  • 年龄:12歲以下

  • 格式:1學期,8課為一學期

  • Common chords, strumming and rhythm, posture, basic theory, and jam sessions

  • Age: >12 years

  • Format: 1 semester, 8 classes / semester

Band Training Program 樂隊訓練計劃

$ 65 /樂隊/課程



$65 / band / lesson (including instruments and an extra 60 min private rehearsal)

自組樂隊! 我們擁有設備齊全的音樂工作室和樂隊經驗豐富的老師的指導,當中一定會體驗到在樂隊玩音樂的樂趣。


格式:- 導師小組教授

            - 導師個人輔導

BE IN A BAND! With our well-equipped music studio and the direction of experienced band teachers, you will certainly experience the fun of playing music in a band.

  • Band size: 3-6

  • Format: 1. Band rehearsal guided by teach 2. Individual coaching from teacher

Policies 堂課規條


Schedule/Class Arrangement Policy 時間/課堂調動規條:

  • All lesson schedules are arranged and managed by Seed administrator. All scheduling changes with teacher need to either process through administrator or confirm with teacher and notice administrator. 

  • Communication in written form is preferred to ensure record keeping. These include email, text, WeChat, WhatsApp etc.

  • 25% Tardiness Policy: If one party does not show up for 25% of the lesson, the other party has the right to cancel the lesson and demand the next lesson free of charge (student) or to charge the canceled lesson (teacher).

  • 24 Hours Policy: ANY cancellation or changes of scheduled lessons need to be noticed in 24 HOURS in advance, NO EXCEPTION. This includes sickness, and all other emergency. Otherwise lesson will be charged. Teacher are also subjected to this policy. A free lesson will be given if they canceled within 24 hrs.

  • 100% Tidiness: We spend a good amount of time and effort to keep the area clean, DO NOT leave behind your trash in the room and keep things nice and neat. Return things to its original spot.

  • Bad Weather: During weekdays, we will close the school according to updates from Quincy Public Schools. All weekday/weekend changes will be posted on our website.

  • All make up sessions have to be arranged within 2 weeks and the month of absence.

  • 所有課程安排都有種籽管理人員安排和管理。與教師的所有日程安排變更需要通過管理員進行處理或與教師確認並通知管理人員。

  • 所有溝通建議一書面形式進行,以便保存紀錄。這包括電郵,短信,微信,WhatsApp等。

  • 25%遲到政策:如果一方遲到超過25%的課程長度,另一方有全權取消當天課程並要求下一次免費補課(学生)或收取當天取消课程的費用(教师)。

  • 24小時政策:請注意任何取消或更改預定課程必須提前24小时通知。這包括疾病合所有其他緊急情況。所有24小時前通知的臨時取消也算為臨時取消,扣除學費。老師所有的臨時取消也會算在內,給學生下一課的免費補課。

  • 100%整潔:我們花大量時間和精力來保持地的整潔,不要再房間留下垃圾,保持地方整潔美觀。將所有使用後的器材和文具移到原址。

  • 惡劣天氣報告:在工作日,我們將根據昆士公立學校關於天氣的更新。所有工作日/周末更改都將發佈在我們網站上。

  • 所有補課须在缺席當月的兩週内作安排。

Discount & Special Offers 折扣/特別優惠:

  • Multiple lessons discount: Every immediate family who already has 2 lessons with us will receive 5% off on their 3rd/beyond lesson.

  • Referral Bonus, the referral party will receive $50 cash/lesson credit for each signed up student. Referral party does not limit to Seed students or parents.

  • 多課程折扣:每個直屬家庭的第三個課程將會獲得5%的折扣。

  • 推薦獎金,推荐方將為每位已注册而正式開始上課一個月的學生獲得$50的課堂補助/現金。 推薦方不限於種籽學生和家長。

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